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    Dynamic Colour Change - help please!

    jonbradley Level 1
      I have a dual menu system. There are some movies which animate when you roll over them and there are also some standard buttons. When you roll over the buttons the corresponding movies animate. Now I need the reverse to happen. I need the buttons to go to the over state when the corresponding movie is rolled over and animated.

      I've managed half of this by applying the following action...

      var colorful = new Color("_level0.textMenu.homeButton");

      When I rollover the movie, it changes the buttons colour to give the impression it's on it's over state. I can then use...

      var colorful = new Color("_level0.textMenu.homeButton");

      On the rollout to set the button back to white. However, if I do that then when I rollover the button it won't work as it's now set to white.

      Can anyone let me know how I can edit my existing script so that it removes the colorful variable on rollout or suggest a better way of doing it?

      I'm no actionscript expert - I got the above code from a Google search hence not knowing how to remove it.