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    Continuous video skips between files...


      I recorded my kid's school play with (3) Canon XF100 HD cameras.  The cameras record MXF files and split them into 2GB chunks.  I used Pavtube MXF Converter to change them to MP4 files.


      When I bring in two of the chunks that are continuous (i.e., from one camera) and put them together, there is a little hiccup that is noticeable when the video crosses the border between the two.  Is there anything I can do to smooth or get rid of this hiccup?  It is enough to make the succeeding portion be out of sync with my master audio.


      Software and computer details:  Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0 (20130921.main.567661), on a PC running Win7-64, i7-2600 @3.4GHz, 16GB 1600MHz RAM, OS on 128GB SSD, programs on 7200rpm 1TB HDD, Windows Experience Index 7.6.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Technically, Premiere Elements doesn't support mxf video, Acro. If you're going to edit video from a $2500 professional camcorder, you'd be best to use a professional video editor, like Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro.


          Converting video is pretty iffy business. Often, unless you know exactly what you're doing, you end up making the video less rather than more compatible.


          For instance, if you go to Expert view, is there a yellow orange line above the video clips, along the top of the timeline? This indicates that the program is not able to match the specs of the video -- which means you will see reduced performance by the program and often reduced quality results.


          You can try trimming off that "hiccup" and then rendering your timeline (pressing Enter). But technically you're using jet fuel in a minivan, and your results just aren't going to be perfect.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Please review and consider blog post on "PE12: Seamless File Merging Before Import" and determine if this is something that might work for you and for what you describe.



            Any questions or need clarification on any of that, please do not hesitate to ask.





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              Acroduster Level 1

              I've got the files in MP4 now and it appears the method appends the files together, but only the first one plays - none of the others play at all.


              Back to the drawing board...

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the update. Sorry that the news was not better.


                If you get a chance, please give it another try. It does work.


                If you continue to have problems with the approach, perhaps you could give me some details of the files that you are merging, and I will give the task a road test.


                We will be watching for further developments.


                Thank you for trying the approach.