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    AE CC Multi-Machine Rendering: Still asking for Adobe ID on Render Engine App Launch


      Hi everyone,


      I'm sure this is a fairly simple fix, but I have looked for quite a while through blogs and AE documentation and I just can't get it figured out.


      I'm trying to set up my first multi-machine render farm with AE CC. All machines for the render farm are running Windows 7 and are networked via Gigabit Ethernet Switch. I understand that I can have CC installed on 2 computers with my membership and then I can install a number of Render-Only instances of AE. The problem is I am trying to set up one of my 3 machines in render-only, yet I am still being asked to sign in with my Adobe ID when I launch the Render Engine App. I can't sign in a third time or it will ask me if I want to sign out of all of the other computers that are licensed under my name. I've attached screenshots of what it shows.




      I have already put the ae_render_only_node.txt file in the correct place as per the Adobe documentation (C:\Users\<myusername>\My Documents)




      Any thoughts? I'm guessing I'm doing something dumb, but I just can't pinpoint it.


      Thanks for any help!