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    Why does Adobe not inform customers of recurrent charges


      I found an odd charge on my credit card this month from Adobe.  Tried to call the 1-800 number and there was no answer.   Called my credit card company, they tried to contact Adobe and again, no answer.   My credit card company told me it was a charge from Adobe Cloud.   I didn't recognize it, so we agreed to process it as fraud.  Then I find a chat page on the Adobe site, and a rep informs me I purchased a software back in 2012 that converts Word to PDF documents and, guess what,  it's a recurring annual charge.   So I went into all my spam messages, and all my emails and found no emails from Adobe informing me that this "renewal" charge was coming.   There was no receipt of the charge either when it was processed on 4/2/14.  I received no notifications whatsoever.  I told the rep that, and he responded that he could send me a confirmation email message now.   But, it's too late now.   I already processed it as fraud.  My computer security company always emails me ahead of time if they are going to re-charge my credit card for an annual purchase, and then they send me an email receipt verifying it went through.  Why doesn't Adobe do this?   If I had seen that, I might not have processed the fraud charge.  As it is, I had no choice.  What gives?