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    QHD+ Resolution Scaling Issues Windows 8


      I've read that QHD+ resolution monitors like the Dell Precision m3800 with a 3200x1800 resolution screen are having scaling issues with Windows 8, and even 8.1. Some programs scale correctly, but I have specifically heard Adobe programs including Adobe After Effects do NOT scale correctly.


      Are there plans to fix this with the next Windows release? Or a patch before then?


      Any rough estimate as to when that would be?


      Does it work at the moment to scale the monitor down to a lower resolution to fix it? Is it in fact tested and not just assumed. (I have no way of checking and can't get a straight answer)



      I want to buy this laptop soon, but I need it for After Effects and if it's not usable, it won't be a good buy. Would love to have some concret answers!