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    Button Optimization Possibility?

      I have a large navigation, which consists of mc's with buttons inside. These buttons of course have the actions onRollover, etc. Everything works great when I rollover everything and does as it should. When I move the mouse a little fast over parts of the navigation, some mc's stick in certain states, rather than completing their action and then the new button rolled over running it's new action. Rolling over something else eventually unsticks it. It is kind of like the code to execute can only go so fast as the mouse and sometimes gets left behind. Is there a way to optimize the AS with True statements or maybe Trace? or something to prevent these issues? I am not a huge AS pro and looked at the help files concerning these but still wasn't quite sure. It isn't a huge problem, but a bit annoying and seems a bit sloppy and I just wondered if anybody knows a method in which I can prevent this or get the AS to run smoother.
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          Make sure to use the onRollOut function


          hitspot.onRollOut = function(){
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            Beedy Level 1
            Thanks for your response. Ok just to think out loud here and also to possibly help anybody else, I have the actions on the buttons themsleves. The reason for this is because at different points in the timeline The instance of the button when clicked will "take the person" to different parts of the timeline. Now I am also familiar with the method you suggested in which then the actions are called upon in the frame rather than on the button. I have not actually tried this yet, but wanted to pose the question first, could I then place these different calls on the frame of that specific timeline rather than on the button obviously with better operating capability than my initial question to optimize? I will give it a shot and post my success or failures. Thanks again Joe!
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              Beedy Level 1
              Ok Joe I have tried the other method. Unfortunately it has caused even worse problems. I have double checked all instance names and code however there are more 'collisions' in which buttons do not react the way they are supposed to. It actually is more like the other buttons actions (if crossing from one button to the next ) overrides the other buttons actions. Would you have any other suggestions?