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    How to setup a New Flex environment for an existing project



      I am a capable embedded SW engineer but have not used Flex or Adobe developer products before.


      I replace a software engineer who left the company at the end of last year and did not generate any design/development document for a flex application that he had created (circa 2011) and that is currently in use by customers.


      The development environment was on his personal Macbook so this is gone. My task is to debug and fix problems with built in SQL queries that are not retrieving or writing data correctly. My workaround is to manually edit the dB tables but this is not practical for the customers.


      I am English and wish to work with an English language installation but as my location is in Austria and the OS (Win7, 64) is in German it is hard (maybe not possible) to manage the Adobe auto language/region detect.


      I include an image of the project directory and the .project file for reference,




      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


      I see the <location> string above will need changing but what to, is that the target location for build/debug/development??


      So far I have on my C drive, the Apache Flex SDK, AIRSDK_Compiler, apache-ant-1.9.3 and am working through the Flex SDK readme file to download SW and set up the Path variables.


      I got stuck on the FlashPlayerDebugger.exe as I cannot find where the Debugger installation is located (ActiveX or Plugin). Now skipping this moving onto the following points.


      A real concern is that I am using 64bit OS and how that affects the resulting project when it is to be installed on a 32bit customer server.