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    How to install Camera RAW 8.4

    Thany2 Level 1

      I just downloaded Camera RAW 8.4 (from here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5739) and installed it. There's not much to it. No real settings to do in the installer. Yet, it doesn't properly install. Photoshop CC says it's still at CR 8.3, and Lightroom still complains it needs CR 8.4 in order to edit a photo in Photoshop. It's installed, definately. The DNG Converter is working, too.


      So my situation is this:

      Windows 7 x64

      Photoshop CC (with CR8.3, apparently)

      Lightroom 5.4

      Camera RAW 8.4 installed

      All applications have been freshly updated about half an hour ago.


      So how do I get Photoshop to use CR8.4 instead of 8.3?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The link you provided is not for the Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop, but instead is the DNG Converter which is a standalone program that is run to convert raw files to DNGs for obsolete versions of Photoshop. 


          Adobe has links to Photoshop ACR downloads, here – be sure to get the one for CC and not CS6:



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            Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

            It's easiest to install the correct update by simply selecting Help>Updates... from Photoshop or Bridge.

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              Thany2 Level 1

              @Jeffrey that doesn't work. CC says it's up-to-date, even though CR 8.3 is reported to be installed.


              @ssprengel That one doesn't work either. The update says "This patch is not applicable for you." and more words. I took the CC version and I have Photoshop CC.


              What now?



              Just verified, Photoshop CC says it's at version 14.2.1 x64. That's the latest. That's the one that's *supposed* to get CR 8.4, but apparently something is broken.



              Update from the CC program doesn't do anything either. When selecting "View Updates & Requests" from the menu it says "You have no more requests". This is confusing to say the least, because what about updates? Either way, this one doesn't update CR either. But what the hell does?

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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                Thany, I am having the same problem as you with the updater saying everything is up to date.  I even tried contacting support and they thought it should be in the Creative Cloud Desktop app so I quit that a couple times and re-signed in but still no sign of ACR 8.4.  I really hope someone gets this figured out.


                Mac OS X 10.9.2

                Photoshop CC 14.2.1 x64

                Lightroom 5.4

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                  Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

                  Hi All,


                  Please provide me with a snapshot from Ps->Help->Update->Preferences.

                  Please confirm your ACR version from Help->About Plugin->Camera Raw and provide us with the following logs.

                  You can find them at:

                  ACR Installer logs

                  For Mac:


                  For Win:

                  Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers


                  AAM logs

                  For Mac:

                  /Volumes/%Volume Name%/Users/%Username%/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater/1.0

                  For Win:


                  You can zip all the files together and send us through mail. This would help us in finding the root cause.

                  Appreciate your help. Apologize for the inconvenience.




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                    Having the same issue, the only way to fix it was to uninstall Photoshop CC, sign out of creative cloud, sign back in and reinstall. Be sure to save your plugins folder just in case.  After doing that, everything worked fine.  I am concerned about future updates however.  Hope this issue gets resolved.

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                      Thany2 Level 1


                      You have an e-mail from me


                      Thanks in advance.

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                        JL Edens

                        I'm having the same issue. Creative Cloud says I'm up to date in my apps. Both Bridge and PS CC say I'm up to date. But I still have ACR 8.3 and Lightrooom complains every time I export out to PS to edit that it needs 8.4. I'm not wild about the idea of uninstalling and re-installing. Surely there's a better solution

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                          Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

                          Please provide me with the details as mentioned in my previous post in this thread.




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                            JL Edens Level 1

                            I hope this is what you need. I see that in the Updater folder, I have one for 8.4 but it isn’t showing up in PS. I appreciate your help.



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                              Thany2 Level 1

                              I've been able to fix this problem by copying the CameraRaw-related directories over from another machine to my machine that was having trouble. After that, went into PS, checked for updates, and presto.


                              The directories in question should be here:

                              C:\Program files (x86)\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\


                              Or here if you're on 32-bit:

                              C:\Program files\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\


                              The name of the directories you need to copy over are:




                              I'm not sure if I can (or should) post those directories here, as I don't know what's in them exactly.


                              Safe to say, this is a bit fiddly. And it must be possible for the CC program to autmatically recover from these kinds of missing folders. It's "kinda" silly that it even needs this - it should just check for updates on absolutely everything, not just on things that happen to be in a directory that can apparantly loose items for whatever reason. Rants aside, this workaround fixed things for me. Your mileage may vary


                              Thanks to @Ashutosh.Nigam for helping me with this.

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                                JL Edens Level 1

                                I just found something that worked for me. My MacBook Pro had updated correctly with the ACR 8.4 plug-in. I noticed that the date on that plug-in was over a month newer than the one on my iMac. So I copied the one on my MacBook over to my iMac, replaced the older plug-in file with the newer one, and now Photoshop CC has the latest ACR. Here's where you find the file to replace: Library>Application support> Adobe>Plug-ins>CC>File Formats>CameraRaw plug-in. Hope that helps someone. I don't know what you do if you don't have a newer file to copy over.