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    Editing Text in Multiple Pop Up Windows

      Hi. I am a newbie to Flash and have purchased a template which I have managed to modify to suit my needs apart from one thing: There are several pages which employ a pop up to show more text and I have edited this text but it only shows the new version on one page, the others remain unchanged. I also cannot find the original pop up text anywhere to edit it. The Action script associated with the button is:
      on (rollOver) {

      on (rollOut) {

      on (release) {

      _root.TM_title = "What We Do";
      _root.READ = 1;

      I have noticed that the READ number is different for each pop up window but the text remains the same for each and I don't know how to edit it. Can anyone help please? I just want to be able to show different text for each version of the pop up.