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    Multithreading not working

    Logos Atum

      Hello there,


      currently I´m evaluating Premiere Pro CC and Media Encoder CC as well.


      The computer I´m working with has 64GB of Ram, a Fire W7000 graphics

      card and 40 Cores (2 Xeon processors).


      Neighter Premiere nor Media encoder make use of the hardware. It´s one

      thread only. And one encoding task to Mp4 only too- no paralell encoding

      of more than one project.


      The only effect I use in the image sequence (png- uncompressed) is a fade

      to white.


      My question - what to patch, because a support that poor must be an error.


      I really need to reconsider if Premiere is the solution we want to use. If the-

      re is no decent multicore support, it is not.



      Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?



      Kind regards



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            The problem is .PNG files and Adobe on Windows currently. Convert those PNG files to something else and threading is normal. Adobe needs to look at this since I dont remember seeing this in previous versions.




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              Logos Atum Level 1

              Hello Eric,


              thank you so much. It has been a while (2004) since I used Premiere

              and this just startled me ^^. PNG makes the difference, VERY good to

              know .



              Have a most blessed day.





              P.S.: Mercury seems to work! Thats great!

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                JEShort01 Level 4



                Dual v2 10 cores, nice!


                I'd love to see how your high-end rig performs with the W7000 video for the PPBM6 benchmark. Check out www.ppbm7.com (yes, PPBM6 benchmark is on PPBM7 www site ). You do need to sign up to see the benchmark results, but Harm and Bill from this forum are the guys that created and maintain this site and it it both safe and trustworthy.


                Premiere Pro has a way of using all aspects of your hardware (RAM, drives, cpu, and gpu) and PPBM6 can really help you determine if your system is working properly and also where the weak spots lie. The test has different timelines and renders that focus separately on cpu performance, gpu performance and drive speed.





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                  Logos Atum Level 1

                  Hello Jim,


                  they are - I´m going to check the PBM6 for you as soon as I got the time for that!


                  Thanks and hang on !




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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Yes, the PPBM7 site is a little confusing.  It does have both a PPBM6 and a PPBM7 benchmark.  It is the same download file with your option to run the identical benchmark on either Premiere Pro 6 or Premiere Pro 7 (CC).  As the GUI has changed it is necessary for us to have two different project files and then two different statistics gathering files.  But the timelines are the same.  You will generally find Premiere 7 (CC) to be slightly faster than Premiere 6