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    Photo Enlargement


      I am trying to figure out the best way to enlarge my older JPG's. They are at 180 ppi. I would like to enlarge to 20 x 14.


      I have been taught years ago, the best way to enlarge is to upsample 110% at a time till reaching desired size and crop for the finishing touch.


      Just recently upgraded to PS CC and noticed a new feature to me. I can enlarge from the image size dialog window and upsample with sharpness and noise reduction in a one shot deal.


      What will yield the best results? Down size image to 300 ppi and upscale 110% at a time till desired size or use the one shot deal in image size dialog box?


      I'm sure it is a simple solution to most, but I am kind of baffled with the new PS CC. I take my prints down to a print shop and it is getting expensive trying to find the best method which will give me the sharpest print.


      Would appreciate any insight into this dilemma I am having!


      Thank you in advance!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Step upsampling isn't really all that valid any more.  All it ever really did was enhance noise and make false texture.


          In Photoshop CC, I find this to be about the best method: 


          Image - Image Size, then change check the Resample box, and choose the Preserve Details (enlargement) resampling setting.  I think you'll find it will improve the feeling of sharpness and quality in your upsampled JPEGs.


          But I really suggest trying different techniques for yourself, making prints or whatever, and judging for yourself the look YOU like best.


          Have fun.



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            starcom11 Level 1



            Thank you for rapid reply:)


            I just upgraded a week ago to PS CC and I am trying re-learn PS CC. I started with PS 4.0 and stopped at PS CS5. Now seeing all the new features in CC I really missed the boat! Maybe its my age;)


            I will play with the new image re-size as you mentioned and perfect it. PS is the most amazing number chruncher! Now if I can tame the beast once again:)


            Truly appreciate your input!


            Have a Great Day:)