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    Installation Problems with Adobe Captivate 6 Subscription


      I am running Windows 7 (64 bit).  I have a subscription to Adobe Captivate 6 and successfully downloaded the files.  However, when trying to install I am running into problems.  I have 3 options (install with serial number, start my subscription, install trial).  I have tried both the subscription and the trial.  It says it needs to sign in with my Adobe ID, however the spinning wheel goes and goes for about 1 minute and finally comes back and tells me it can't sign in because either I'm not connected to the internet or my clock settings are wrong.  I AM connected to the internet and my clock settings ARE correct.  Help!


      When I manually log into my Adobe account, I see a serial number listed with my Captivate subscription.  Can I just install with that serial number?  Or is there something with the Windows firewall blocking my ability to install this subscription?