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    Missing fonts - Installed now asking for (T1) versions


      My office has a huge library of fonts, but most I believe are used by our designer who uses InDesign CS6 on her Mac. I am using a PC with Windows XP (with SP3). When I first opened one of our .indd files to make edits,  I received a message that the following fonts were missing:


      Adobe Garamond

      Adobe Garamond Semi Bold

      Adobe Garamond Bold

      Adobe Garamond Expert


      I was able to download TrueType versions of the first three (not Expert) and install them. When I reopened the same .indd file I received the same message, only this time each font had (T1) after the name. This seems strange, as I did not install any version of the Garamond Expert, and yet InDesign is still requesting a (T1) version. Would downloading OpenType versions be the solution to this, or is there a workaround in InDesign to use the TrueType Versions? I tried replacing the missing fonts, but was unable to replace each with their respective  Bold / Semi Bold etc. TrueType equivalent.


      Thanks in advance for your time.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Your Mac user has a VERY old collection of Mac-format T1 fonts. There is no way they can be used on Windows, so they are always going to show up as missing. You can substitute the TT versions, and install those onthe Mac as well, but there may be text reflow. A better solution would be to upgrade to OpenType versions (which would eliminate the need for the Expert set at the same time). I beleive ID ships with several weights of Adobe Garamond Pro.