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    Exporting EPUB from InDesign CC not including line breaks


      I am done with a book and have it formatted the way I want. I am exporting it to EPUB through InDesign CC and previewing it in iBooks and also through Kindle previewer. Everything is fine except for one thing... where I have created page breaks, the exported file is not including them.


      I tried exporting to HTML just to see what it did and there is no line breaks there. I know its proprietary markup ( in kindle ) but I still would like to include them in a few specific places ( to mark seperations of chapters ).


      In kindle this is the tag they say to use: <mbp:pagebreak />

      In iBooks, I have not yet figured out how to create them, I am going to work on that today once I sort out the kindle version.


      Is there any way to force it to include line breaks on export. Or alternatively, I could export to HTML but I am having trouble figuring out how to go back to the EPUB format from there and also it didn't include the fonts, so there was other issues to consider as I have a custom font I was using for the headers that looks really good and matches the font on the book cover as well... so I really want to keep that consistent if possible.


      Are there any tricks or things I can try here to improve on my workflow and do a better job of seperating the chapters ?