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    date field patterns and barcodes

    g5spark Level 1

      I have a date field that is mapped to a barcode.  the date field has a pattern > Data of date {YYYYMMDD} because the target system requires it without the dashes. datefieldPattern.JPG

      However when the barcode generates it always encodes YYYY-MM-DD (ie. WITH THE DASHES). 


      If i do a xfa.host.messageBox (this.rawValue) it always displays the YYYY-MM-DD. 

      If I call the this.formattedValue it does return YYYYMMDD.



      To fix this i created a hidden field which i wrote to on the exit of the datefield and mapped this hidden field to the barcode.


           hiddenField.rawValue = this.formattedValue


      Is there a better way to do this without the hidden fields?  I ask since i have a bunch of date fields..


      How/where do i change the pre-generated barcode code to grab the formattedValue instead of the rawValue if its a datetimefield?