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    Suggested Mac Pro Hardware Setup for Advanced After Effects User


      What is a suggested mac pro hardware setup that can handle rendering 3D animations in After Effects with short rendering times?  Also, is a beefed up macbook pro also an option or will I be experiencing long rendering times with it?  Lastly, my current computer really struggles with after effects especially when I start working with 3D text so is another option to just improve upon what I currently have? 


      I currently have:

        Model Name:          Mac Pro

        Model Identifier:          MacPro4,1

        Processor Name:          Quad-Core Intel Xeon

        Processor Speed:          2.26 GHz

        Number Of Processors:          2

        Total Number Of Cores:          8

        L2 Cache (per core):          256 KB

        L3 Cache (per processor):          8 MB

        Memory:          8 GB

        Processor Interconnect Speed:          5.86 GT/s

        Boot ROM Version:          MP41.0081.B07

        SMC Version (system):          1.39f5

        SMC Version (processor tray):          1.39f5



      Thanks so much!