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    Imported animations from SolidWorks have video noise at top

    CanrigTW Level 1

      New problem with my proof-of-concept video at work...we are intercutting short animation sequences with "live" video clips to create a sort of "how-to" video for employees. The animation sequences are rendered in SolidWorks Composer as *.AVI files, and then imported into Premiere Elements 12 (all of which is done on a Win7 machine). The entire sequence is then published from Premiere.


      The problem is there is a thin line of "video noise" across the top of the animation sequences. It doesn't interfere with the content of the video, but it's annoying as heck, and we can't figure out what's causing it. We've tried:


      • Changing aspect ratio on animation export (from within SWC) to match the size of "live" video clips in Premiere project.
      • Changing aspect ratio on animation export (from within SWC) to match final published video size of Premiere project (i.e. 720x480 30fps 4:3).
      • Turning off display of background "paper" from within SWC.
      • Running auto-analyze on imported animation clips within Premiere.
      • Exporting from Premiere in several different formats (i.e. *.wmv, *.mpg, etc.).
      • Exporting the animation sequence as a series of high-res images (from SWC) at 30fps, importing images in Photoshop and rendering as Quicktime video at 30fps.

      None of these has solved the problem. Interestingly, we have yet to find an export setting in SWC that causes the animation sequences to be the same size as the Premiere video. Neither setting the aspect ratio to 1920x1080 (the size of the "live" video clips in the project) nor setting the ration to 720x480 (the Premiere-exported size of the video) causes the animations to be the same size as the video on either side of it.


      Anybody have any ideas here?