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    Importing an amended psd file that will only display previous image not the updated file!

    Angieaaa Level 1

      HI I need some help (asap) and hope someone can shed some light for me! I have updated a psd file - a logo- and re-imported it into indesign cc, but the indesign doc will not show the updated psd file. It even exports it as the old image when creating a pdf! Ive re-saved it, ive changed its name, quit and restarted indesign, photoshop and the mac. Its a one layer psd file on a white background , the preview on the mac is ok - its driving me nuts! and I need to get it to the client ! Is it Indesign or photoshop?

      Ive moved the prefs and saved data restarted Indesign but no change


      Many thanks in advance!