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    Vector Shapes Made With Previous Settings


      In Illustrator, for years there has been a feature where each new shape I create automatically takes on the stroke/fill settings of the last shape I created. This makes sense because it saves time, and the assumption is that if I've drawn a bunch of little green boxes I am likely to keep wanting to draw green boxes until I say otherwise.


      But in Photoshop CC, the same feature seems to be applied but it is working differently than I expect. For some reason, Photoshop will store one specific set of stroke/fill details (according to no particular logic that I can see) and draws every new shape with those details.


      The problem is that at some woeful point, I must have created a shape with no fill and a 15px white stroke. Now, every single shape that I draw, whether it be a line, a circle, a square, or anything else has this 15px stroke applied to it. No matter what changes I make to that shape, Photoshop always reverts and draws every new shape with the same settings applied.


      Every once in a while, for no apparent reason, Photoshop picks a new style that I've created and decides to apply that one to everything I draw. For a while every box I drew was blue, no matter what I did.


      How do I reset the vector tools so I don't have to go and manually remove this 15px stroke every single time I use the vector tool?


      Thank you very much.