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    Newbie problems(1)


      I installed PE 12 on my new laptop. Yes, it works but less well than I would like. So I have written down a number of problems, and the most important ones right now are the following ones.



      I have tried to optimize Windows 8.1 for video editing. But there is one thing I would like to know.


      I have processor and motherboard from Intel. So when the work load is limited, the laptop uses Intel graphics.


      I also have a 1 Gigabyte Nvidia graphics card. When the work load increases, this one is used for graphics.


      How do I check that the laptop actually switches to the graphics card when the work load is large?



      I must correct audio volume. So I have the audio meters visible when I edit. But every time I reopen a project, the audio meters are gone, so I have to put them back.


      How do I make sure that the audio meters are still there when I reopen a project?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know any way to ensure the program is using the nVidia driver. On the other hand, it probably doesn't matter. Assuming you've got adequate power on the processor, your graphics card isn't likely to impact Premiere Elements significantly.


          What processor do you have and how much RAM?


          As for your Audio Meters, there's no way to keep them open constantly. You have to re-open them whenever you open a project.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What Steve said about graphics adapters, and a link that may help with the general learning process


            Elements Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830

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              ghijohansson Level 1

              Many thanks for the answers.


              Strange, I have earlier used version 3 of PE. No problem with the audio meters in that version. They remained where I put them. I don't understand why Adobe has made the program work less well.


              CPU is Intel quad core i7 3632QM 2.2 (-3.1) GHz.


              About RAM. I have 4+2 = 6 Gigabytes. It would be possible to add another 4+6 = 10 Gigabytes. So I have thought about trying to improve my editing by adding 2 more Gigabytes. But I have no idea if the best would be to have 4+4 or 6+2 Gigabytes.


              When I edited audio (I mean, I had only audio on the timeline), less than half of the RAM was used, and I will try to remember to check later how much RAM is used when I start to edit video.


              It is during editing my laptop is slow. And somewhere on the internet I found a statement that editing requires GPU power while rendering and encoding requires CPU power. This is the reason why I asked about my graphics card. The program worked slowly when I had 7 Gigabytes .mts files in the same project a week ago, but I forgot to check RAM usage respectively CPU usage.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Premiere PRO uses the GPU for "some" co-processing, not Premiere Elments

                http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2011/02/cuda-mercury-playback-engine-and-adobe- premiere-pro.html


                Does your laptop have a 5400rpm or a 7200rpm system drive?


                Do you have a 2nd internal 7200rpm drive for projects and video files... or... do you have a USB3 or eSata external drive for projects and video files?

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                  ghijohansson Level 1

                  Thanks for clarifying about GPU.


                  My laptop has one single 5400 RPM hard drive, so I plan to order an external 7200 RPM hard drive with USB3 during the next few days. I should had ordered one already earlier, but I have been too busy.


                  Yes, I know that with 2 drives the optimum is windows, programs, pagefile, mediacache on one hard drive, media, projects, previews, exports on the other.