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    Linking and updating stories with conditional text


      Hi Everyone,

      We are beginning an initiative to make the product pages I've created for proposas in InDesign more accessible as text for the sales reps of my company. They want to be able to copy, edit, and send the text in emails, customized documents, etc.


      As of right now, the text was all typed within the master proposal document (I use one doc, and do a save as every time I have to do a proposal). I also have conditional text in there.


      What I think is a better option is putting all the text in a Word doc, mapping the styles, and updating only that Word doc. However, how does that work with conditional styles? Also, whenever I update the Word doc, will the formatting go away within my InDesign doc?


      Any help would be appreciated, as this is very complicated and I don't want to undo 2 years of work on my original document!