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    I give up. How can I get a fresh Camera Raw re-install?

    David J Swift

      I give up. Adobe's application managers are a mess. My full-on CC subscription? It never knows when updates are in fact available. To get Indesign, Premiere and After Effects to properly update, I have to deinstall them. Happens on my Mac Pro, happens on my MacBook Pro.


      I also bought the Ps/Lr subscription for my assistant on a rebuilt Mac Pro running Lion: brand new, fresh, pristine. It wasn't long before the Cloud app -- which frequently wants to be updated -- broke, making me again go through that business where I toss the OOBE folder and whatnot.


      So please don't send me on another Adobe troubleshooting snipe hunt. Been there, done that. The many steps of troubleshooting posted by Adobe lead nowhere and have already cost me hours and hours of production time. The easiest thing is for me to de-install-re-install when an app is updated.


      Except for Camera Raw. The Photoshop reinstall does not affect Camera Raw.  A Bridge re-install does not affect Camera Raw.


      What do I throw away and re-install in order for Adobe to install the latest Camera Raw?