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    ATR  audio transition problem response

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      thanks to ATR for info. I have tried your solutions and do not get consistent results. 1) I trim audio clip in the monitor 1 or 2 seconds each. I assume length of clip trim does not matter.The grey clip marking (as imperceptible as it is, even at full timeline expansion) disappears, so I assume I have trimmed correctly. 2) I then close 'grey' gap that appears between clips in the soundtrack by manually moving each clip to abut with one another.3) I then open 'transitions'. It sometimes will snap to 'between clip' alignment, but more commonly either left or right, 4) However, to change duration of transition I have to double click on the 'arrow' shown in the soundtrack indicating that transition is in place. 5) To close out of duration I must click on 'done' or it will not accept the change in duration. So Xing out won't work. So I am still having problemms with what should be a simple task.This would be a good addition for a video tutorial on Muvipix or somewhere.

      I will keep trying your solutions, Maybe I am not understanding mechanics. But the work around solution dolesn't seem to work.

      thanks again...

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          Getting the transition with the wanted alignment (Left Clip, Between Clips, or Right Clip) is easy, Just do not hit Done, just hit X.

          The blog post that I suggested to you dealt with just getting the wanted transition alignment and did not get into transition duration and transition alignment in the same maneuver.


          Setting the transition duration as well as the transition alignment at the Transition Adjustments pop up level is another matter.

          As you pointed out, the transition duration set needs the "Done". So, it is not a perfect solution at this point, even with the recent 12.1 Update from Adobe.


          I wrote about this the other day in a thread of another. I will see if I can find it. If not, I will re-write for you.


          A video tutorial anywhere is not going to help what is not available or possible under the existing Adobe design.



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            Here is another one of my blog posts. This one deals with minimum duration for a video and audio transition.



            In it you will find details used to discuss setting duration as well as possible alignment for these transitions.


            If you want me to do a special version of that for you, please let me know.