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    Project File Size Nearly Doubled?


      Hi, I've been exporting video for a good year and a half in Premiere Elements 11 using the following method.


      Publish & Share -> Computer -> MPEG -> Presets HD 720p 30


      My file size has normally been quite reasonable every time I exported a video.


      However, today after a good 3-4month Hiatus from making videos, I created another video (very similar to my previous made ones) and tried to export it.  I realized that the file size is about double that of all of my other videos around the same length.


      I also went back to an old saved project that I did and it's also showing a doubled file size (2g now), despite the previous file that was exported from this project saying 1.3gb.


      I don't recall editing anything to the bitrate at all either so I am quite confused as to what is going on.


      Can anyone help me? 


      Much thanks in advance,



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That's not an unreasonable difference in size.


          Assuming all other things being same (including where your original source video came from) the file size can also be influenced by the video's content. Lots of action, for instance, or more detailed scenery can be harder to compress than, say, lots of ocean and blue sky.

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            scloud17 Level 1

            Hi Steve, thanks for your reply.


            What you say makes sense and I did not know this, but what about all of my older projects that were exported at smaller file sizes now exporting at almost double that size?  The material in the video hasn't changed, yet it wants to export all my old material at double the size it originally did?  I looked at my older projects to see if it was just the new video I put in my new project that was causing the increase but since all of my previous projects are doing the same it makes me believe something is up with the software?


            What do you think?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I am after the before and after bitrates so please confirm the following and tell me if I am misinterpreting what you report


              1. You have an older project (project.prel file), you open it in Premiere Elements 11 today or recently, and you export the content with Publish+Share/Computer/MPEG with Presets = HD720p30.


              a. What is the Bitrate of video on the Timeline? Do you have photos as well as video on that Timeline?

              If you spot check the properties of the media on the Timeline, what are you see for frame size, frame rate, file size?

              b. When you are in the export dialog, are you customizing the preset in anyway?

              c. When you are in the export dialog, what are the readings for file size and duration before you hit the Save button?

              d. Where are you reading the file size of the export?


              Let us pause here.





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                scloud17 Level 1

                Hi A.T. Romano,


                Yes, I am looking at an older project to see if it was just the new video I was using in my newer project that was increasing the size.  It seems this is not the case.


                a. I'm not sure where to locate the bitrate of all of the video on the time line.  If you are talking about the original video and not the edited versions, the properties state that the bit rate for each video is about 17200kbps.  I do have photos as well as video on the timeline.


                Frame Size: 1920x1080

                Frame Rate: 29.97

                File Size: 2.1gb


                b. No I am not customizing the preset at all.

                c. File Size: 2043.39    Duration: 17Min 49sec

                d. I am finding the export dialog and the newly exported file are one in the same.  Initially I was reading the exported file size by looking at the properties of the file.


                Sure thing!


                And thank you for your help!