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    Your file contains unsupported blend modes. Rendering may be inaccurate.

    Dessie.Lunsford Level 1

      Is there a list of "unsupported blend modes"?  I know there's some things with gradients and such (translating them to css isn't always straightforward), but in the PSD I uploaded, the only blending options I have is a color overlay (used on some text layers, a rectangle shape layer, and a small single-color graphic logo).  Are color overlays unsupported?


      Still running through some tests to see if it'd be worth using for my team, but I like what I'm seeing so far


      - Dez

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          Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee

          Hi Dessie,

          we support color overlay and it shouldn't be a problem. Could you share the file so that I can take a look?

          Thanks, Corrinna

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            Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

            Hi Dez, 


            Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the Parfait forums, we appreciate hearing from our users.


            Blend modes are complicated and you're right that translating them to CSS isn't straightforward... and sometimes isn't possible at all. There are only a couple blend modes that are simple enough to deal with that Parfait doesn't complain - Opacity and Pass Through blend modes. So, when we encounter any of the other blend modes in Parfait we do two things:


            1. Show the warning at the top of the screen to basically say "Hey, whoever built this PSD has done something that may not translate well to the web"
            2. We figure out which other layers the blend layer interacts with, take those as a group and "flatten" them into a single graphic. This means that we can maintain fidelity with the PSD so that Parfait displays it the same way you would see it in Photoshop (keeping in mind that we're still in beta and have found a couple fidelity issues since our release yesterday... please be patient ). We still allow you to hide and show those layers, we'll just need to fetch a new flattened graphic from the server when you do. You'll notice a short delay and some transient yellow warning icons on your layers while we're doing that. Additionally, this means that if you extract multiple layers from Parfait as a single image we'll properly flatten them to give you the correct image.


            So, to summarize, any PSD you are viewing in Parfait should be accurately displayed in terms of blend modes. Consider the warning as just a gentle nudge about using crazy blend modes when designing for the web.


            Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions.