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    How do I populate two text boxes (different values) from one combobox

    OrthoVLo Level 1

      I have successfully used the following script to populate one text box from one combobox:

      // Set this field value to the value of the combo box

      event.value = getField("Combo Box25").value;


      However, I would like to know how to populate 2 different text boxes with different values based on the item selected in one combobox.

      Example:  Select Dr's Name from the combo box.  Text box 1 will display the doctors NPI number and text box 2 would display the doctors provider number.


      Currently my work around is to have 1 combobox for the NPI text box and 1 combo box for the provider number.  I make the 2nd combo box visible but not printable so i doesn't show when the form is printed or faxed.  I know there has to be some way to fill both boxes though. 


      I don't know scripting very well so please keep it simple. 


      Thanks for any help you can provide.