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    Recurring rendering error "an output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted"

    Remy Rond Level 1

      From today onwards I've been getting this error whenever I'm exporting to Quicktime mov (at least H264 and DXV). I've been reading a lot about it and it seems to be an ongoing issue, related to the QT32 server (whatever that is). I haven't been able to find a satisfactory solution yet. One thing's for sure, it's messing up my workflow.


      Some additional info:


      System:      Mac

      OS:             10.9.2 (Mavericks)

      Adobe:        Adobe CC

      Quicktime:  Version 10.3


      One other weird thing is, whenever I quit and restart AE, it renders fine once. After that it breaks.


      Hope you can help!