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    Understanding Sizes for Interactive PDFs


      This is what I want to accomplish:


      Create an interactive PDF with a page size of 1920x1280.  In other words when someone opens the pdf and they select the full screen the layout they will get a page that exactly fits the screen (assuming the user has a 1920x1280 monitor), no moving left, right, up and down is possible, only possibly a next page which again will give a full screen.


      So I tried to create an InDesign document using the Digital Publishing option and a pixel size of 1920x1280.


      Now whatever options I try I always get the interactive PDF to open way too large.


      So can anybody tell me what to do?

      Again I just want to have a full screen page of exactly 1920x1280.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You might be able to get it work if you choose the following settings:


          When exporting, choose View > Actual Size and Layout > Single Page.


          But you'll have to change the way Adobe Acrobat or Reader display the PDF. I believe InDesign assumes that Actual Size will be viewed at 72 ppi. Acrobat/Reader calculates resolution in a different way. On my Mac Book Pro, Acrobat showed my system resolution to be 110 ppi. Therefore, In Acrobat/Reader Preferences > Page Display > Resolution > Custom Resolution : 72 ppi.


          But each PDF reader will probably display it differently.

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            CoffeeDrinker Level 1

            Interesting, if I set my to custom to 72 pixels/inch it fits exactly.  I do not understand it, my monitor is 24inch and the custom default in PDF is 110 while the system is 96.


            What I fail to understand is that I selected intent = Digital Publishing.  When you create such a document you enter the size in pixels.  On a 1920x1080 pixels screen it should fully cover the screen regardless of pixels/inch.  Right?



            Note: the first posting has a typo not 1280 but 1080.

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              PDF pages are always measured in physical units (points, or 1/72 of an inch). There is no concept of a page being measured in pixels.


              When you create screen-mode files in ID, it simply uses 72PPI and creates an inch-based layout. Look at the properties of the PDF file and you'll see the actual 'paper' size.


              If you set the PDF's properties to open in full-screen mode, and the aspect ratio matches the user's monitor, then it will fill the screen perfectly - but all other modes it will be at the mercy of the user's display settings and hardware, because Acrobat/Reader is trying to show "100%" in inches, not in pixels.

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