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    ASP Web service is posting to CF module

    drybagel Level 1
      Here is some background... (sorry if I am supplying unnecessary detail)
      I am working on a project to receive XML data from a business partner (let's call them ABC). They supplied us with an application written in ASP .NET 2.0 (ABCIntegrationEngine.asmx) that we loaded on our Coldfusion web server. This application uses a "web.config" file where we must define a value for ExportQuoteURL to equal our ColdFusion module that will receive the XML data and process it.

      Here is the problem...
      I can't figure out how to get the XML data that the ABCIntegrationEngine is passing to my Coldfusion module. Through cflog statements, I know that my CF module is receiving control but even after looping through FORM.FieldNames to find any passed in form data and looking for any URL.xxx fields, I don't find anything. I believe that ABCIntegrationEngine is using SOAP. We even captured the packets that it is sending and can see the XML, but how do I get the Coldfusion module to see it? Here is some of the contents from the packets...

      POST /abcintegrationengine/abcintegrationengine.asmx HTTP/1.1
      Host: mycompanytest.mycompany.com
      User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (Compatible; MSIE 6.0; MS Web Services Client Protocol 2.0.50727.42)
      Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
      SOAPAction: " http://www.abcnetwork.com/quoteproduct/WebServices/ExportRequest"
      Expect: 100-continue
      Ct_request_id: 1234
      Max-Forwards: 10
      Via: 1.1 mycompanytest.mycompany.com
      Content-Length: 5733

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http//schemas.xmlsoap.org.....
      <soap:Header><AuthHeader xmlns=" http://www.abcnetwork.com/quoteproduct/WebServices/">
      <soap:Body><ExportRequest xmlns=....> LOTS OF XML CONTENT</ExportRequest></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>

      Further down there was ...
      <soap:Fault><faultcode>soap:Client</faultcode><faultstring>Object reference not set to an instance of an object.</faultstring>...

      Thank you for any advice!