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    Newbie questions on CS6 VS CC

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      I've recently returned back to photography after a 30+ year hiatus.  Because everthing is now digital (vs darkroom), I realize I need editing software.  After talking with several people, I've decided on Lightroom and Photoshop (verdict is not in yet as to CS6 or CC).  Regardless of which way I go (and I'm open to suggestions), three questions arise:  1)  I work on both PC and Mac platforms.  Can I go back and forth with the same photo file between the PC and Mac?  2)  It appears as if the CC with Lightroom at $9.99/mon might be more cost effective approach then purchasing the CS6 and Lightroom up front.  Is there something I'm missing?  3)  Once the year of leasing is up, are my options then limited to either leasing another year (at whatever the new price is) or then attempting to buy and stand-alone package?

      Thanks in advance for any input.


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          There are no standalone packages with CC. It's a permanent rental model for life. If that's not what you want, you will have to go with CS6 and a standalone LR, but be aware that they will eventually not be supported anymore and that any new features, including support for new camera models, will be limited to CC. Files are cross-platform, but unless you go CC, the programs are not, at least not PS. Standalone packages like CS6 are platform specific. LR is cross-platform, though.