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    Updated PC Build Plan - 4930K/used 4960X

    yash-lucid Level 1

      Hi guys. Updated build post below, after reading tweakers page again, doing some more research.




      I need to a build a new machine for video editing my budget is now 35k - 50k ZAR. I specifically need the machine to handle multicam edits, which means it will be reading multiple 1080p video files (AVCHD/H.264/GoPro formats) at the same time, sometimes 6 at the most. I also need it to handle some colour grading in resolve which means I need a decent GPU.



      I've initially opted for the Xeon option but I now see that it's not viable unless I double my budget.



      My proposed build that I'm considering:



      Intel 4930K CPU OR used Intel 4960X (Need a CPU that is powerful to process edits/renders/adobe after effects work)

      (Others have suggested to go 4770K Haswell but I'm willing to pay a tad more for better performance/more cores/more threads, is there any reason to consider 4770K other than price???)



      ASUS P9 X79-E WS (This mobo is rock solid with enough ram slots and PCI ports which I intend to use later for PCI based SSDs when I do 4K/6K raw editing)



      2x G.Skill F3-2400C10D-16GTX Trident X 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-2400MHz 1.65V CL10 Dual Channel Desktop Memory (Total 32GB, Should I use the rest of my cheap ram to fill slots for now?)



      Samsung EVO 840 256GB SSD (Will use this as the OS boot drive)



      4x4tb 7200rpm drives in RAID10 (Many people have different opinions on this, quite honestly I'm not sure what to think but I do like this option)



      ASUS DirectCU 2 gtx780 3GB (I just need the CUDA performance for this, don't need a Quadro as I am not 3D rendering or outputting 10bit colour space)



      I also need to find a good heat sink, Thermal Compound, +800watt PSU, & case.




      I first need advise on the above mentioned parts, should I up or downgrade something? Should I use a different brand?


      Thanks everyone.

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          JFPhoton Level 3

          You may want to wait for the Haswell E CPU to come out later this year...I am. Many new features are coming including six and eight core versions, quad channel memory, ten native SATA III ports, and a full forty lanes of PCI generation 3, and a new X99 chipset.

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            yash-lucid Level 1

            That's what I was thinking, as the 2011 socket seems to be entering obsolescence. If I get the 4770K Haswell, could I replace it with a Haswell-E CPU, or will I need a new Motherboard?


            In the greather scheme of things however, the 4930K will last me for years which is my intention, and if I ever need to upgrade (say if I am editing 4K RAW next year) then I will sell and upgrade - that's not an issue. I just don't want to get too caught up in the tech race to have the latest and best when something like 4930K will do the job.



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              JEShort01 Level 4

              Looks like you are closing in on a final build!


              cpu - good; since you are considering used, the 3930k or 3960k should be considered as well


              gpu - good; suggest MSI's Afterburner or EVGA's Precision utility to allow for setting power and thermal limits (this allows for you to select a constant fan speed that you can stand and prevents the annoying sound of fans ramping up and down while you are trying to be creative)


              RAM - no that won't work; I have had good luck with G Skill RAM, but you must choose RAM that has been certified by G Skill for your particular motherboard (go to G Skill's www site and from the menu: support / RAM configurator); for your CPU / motherboard and starting with 32GB, there is only one set of sticks I would consider from G Skill. The specific p/n is: F3-12800CL10Q-32GBZL (DDR3, 1600MHz, 4x8GB kit, CAS 10-10-10-30, 1.5 volt). Here's why: this is 1/2 of they only set of sticks that they sell for 1600MHz certified for the Asus motherboard that is certified if you were to grow to 8x sticks for 64GB someday. Again, loose the idea to add any old RAM you have laying around - that is a bad idea.


              heat sink: Cooler Master 212EVO or Noctua NH-D14


              Thermal compound - Arctic Silver 5


              Case - lots of good choices; you will need one that supports a large motherboard (Asus x79 WS boards are CEB); check out Cooler Master, Corsair, Lian-Li, or Zalman (my favorites until you get to the really expensive stuff)





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                yash-lucid Level 1

                Thanks Jim


                I have not settled on the RAM because I did not know how to best select it, but I'm now going to look at your recommendation and other ram that is max 1600mhz with a low voltage, preferably certified.

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                  yash-lucid Level 1

                  Thanks CC, I have already looked at it after you advised me in a previous post.

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                    JEShort01 Level 4

                    Power supply - I can personally endorse Corsair's AX, AXi, and HX line (stay away from other Corsairs) for your build, I would choose one between 860 and 1200 watts. The larger you get, the quieter it will be. My AX-1200 can runs fanless much of the time and then speeds up with variable speed control when the going gets tough.



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                      JFPhoton Level 3

                      ....do not forget that video is rapidly moving toward 4K and beyond. As in the past, newer,faster and more powerful machines will be needed to handle upcoming codecs and more beefy versions of PPro to come. Haswell E is a leap forward, allowing more and faster memory along with TEN, countem, TEN SATA III ports on the new motherboard. This MAY allow for multiple fast SSD RAIDS and separate backups WITHOUT having to buy an expensive Areca RAID controller card....I am not sure....Eric or Bill may know about that. It is worth further investigation before you commit to an older technology.

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                        As long as you are investing fairly heavily, I personally would not go with an Samsung 840 EVO drive.  They do not have very good write perormance.  The OS/Applications on the boot drive are primarily read operations, but I still would suggest the Samsung 840 PRO SSD.

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                          yash-lucid Level 1

                          CC I am unable to find information about RAM on the tweakers page.

                          EDIT: Found it, sorry.