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    How do I place "website under construction" notice for Adobe to host domain while building Muse?



      As a Newbie to Creative Cloud for Teams, am seeking help.

      Have an existing domain - the former website hosted elsewhere was hacked and is no longer online.

      What precise hosting information do I need (from the former host) before I can to start hosting a new site with the same domain  with Adobe?



      Related to Question One, how do I place "Website Under Construction" notice for Adobe to host an existing domain while I build my first Muse-based website?

      Under the web hosting deal through using Muse and our Adobe membership, how do I put up a single slide notice of this kind.

      For example, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but a new website for xxx in under construction, so come back soon or contact us directly via the contacts shown below?"

      Know Wordpress, but am new to Muse so need to learn to make my first Muse website, and unsure how long it will take to have ready. 


      Any advice would be most welcome.


      Warm Regards,