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      你好,我有一个想法不知道PS有没有,或者已经有了而我不知道,每次用钢笔抠图画路径,能不能自动保存工作路径,而不用重复点面板新建路径1.2.3,做一个建一个,我想法是做好一个完整闭合 路径后,自动命名为路径1,接着画一个闭合的路径后自动保存为路径2,也包括当前不在路径选择界面上接着画下个路径而之前的路径自动保存。

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          The translation does not seem expecially good.

          Hello, I has a ideas not knows PS did, or has has has and I not knows, each with pen pull pictures path, can automatically save work path, and without repeat points Panel new path 1.2.3, do a built a, I ideas is do a full closed path Hou, automatically named for path 1, then painting a closed of path Hou automatically save for path 2, also including current is not path select interface Shang then painting next path and zhiqian of path automatically save.


          Could you please post in english or post screenshots or mock-ups to illustrate your point?