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    Keep SOME spreads together in PDF

    blanko 23 Level 1

      We have a lot brochures which we provide both in hard copy as in digital version (PDF).

      A minor annoyance with the digital versions, is that i have to choose between all spreads, or no spreads.


      Take the screenshot for example: i would like pages 1-5 exported as single pages, page 6-7 (marked in red) as a spread,...


      Is there a way to tell InDesign which spreads should be exported as spreads, and which not?

      I don't want to export the complete PDF in spreads.

      One solution i thought of is to turn the spreads into 1 page directly in InDesign, but that would mess up the export of the PDF for the hard copy. For obvious reasons, i don't want to make and maintain 2 different INDD files.


      It's not such a big deal, but tips for choosing spreads selectively are very much appreciated!