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    adt -migrate does not work with a less-than-180-days-ago-revoked certificate




      I'm using Adobe AIR 2.6, with Flex SDK 1.5.1 to develop a certifiied application. My certificate has been revoked on 22th Dec. 2013, that being 123 days (today is the 24th of April, 2014). I have to release an update for my application, using a new certificate. Here's how I'm trying to do that, following the ADT support page's instructions :


      1. Create an update to your application
      2. Package and sign the update AIR file with the new certificate
      3. Sign the AIR file again with the original certificate using the -migrate command



      So :

           2.I package and sign my update using FlashBuilder, as I alwas do

           3.I try to sign the air file with the old-revoked certificate using adt with the -migrate command :


      adt -migrate -storetype pkcs12 -keystore "MyCertificate.pfx" MyAIRFile.air MyAIRFile-migration.air


      Here's the catch : adt returns me an error :


      The signer's certificate chain contains a revoked certificate


      Of course it does. It's a revoked certificate.


      Does anyone have an explanation, and better yet a solution for this, please ?