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    Hi, I need your help re placing a multipage pdf in an indd file

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      Hi, I need your help re placing a multipage pdf in an indd file

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          Consider a 200-page document already open in Indesign, on a Mac. Assume that one wants to replace pages 60 to 80 by importing new pdfs (21 pages: from 80 - 60 plus 1)

          Preliminaries: Scroll down to the end of the document in Indesign, and record the total number of pages, 200; one will use this number of pages as a check when the replacement process has been completed. Also, note down the contents of pages 60-80, because these pages will later be identified and deleted. The two main actions involved are: (a). Insert the new pdfs and (b). Delete the original  “60-80” content  plus any unwanted extra blank pages (about 20 pages) that may show-up after importing the new 21-page pdfs.

          Step 1:  From Layout (on the tools bar)>>pages>>insert pages

          Step 2: Enter the number of pages, 21,  “ For Insert ”  choose “before page”.

               (that is, switch from “after page” to “before page”  and enter page “60” to the right .   

                That is, insert 21 blank pages starting on page 60.

          Step 3: From Windows (on tools bar)  >>Utilities>>scripts>> then Applications>>  

                      Applescript and scroll down to PlaceMultipagePDF.Applescript and double –

                        click  on it, and search for the new 21-page document and choose it.

          Step 4 In the new “Place PDF” panel, enter 60 for the start page.

                    (The correct page is important)

          Step 5: After the placement, the first page showing is a blank page (at about page 81), and there may be

                  20 more following blank pages. Delete the blank pages and also by inspection, 

                  delete the old  21-page 60-80 page content by inspection (scrolling down) which   

                  may now be at pages 101-121

                 OR in one step, delete page 81-121 (41 pages = (20 +21) pages)

          Note that in Step 5, if the pages indicated are not exact, then by inspection, delete the blank pages; and delete the "to be replaced  old "60-80" page pdfs

          Step 6: Scroll down to the end of the document. The total number of pages should be 

                     200.  If it is more than 200, there are undeleted pages after the placement. If the 

                     total number is less than 200, there are missing pages.