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    Creating a two ended magazine / a split magazine

    Michael Hellström

      I'm trying to create and print a two ended magazine. I have the pages layed out correctly in Indesign. The first part of the magazine is layed out like any booklet from bottom to top. On the flipside / second part of the magazine (or the other cover if you will) I have turned the pages upside down (manually with Rotate). Unfortunately when I try to print it some force turns some of my pages upside down. This happens with a pdf printer as well as a real one. This is not a case of a duplex printer wanting to print the bottoms upside down because the flipped pages seem to be more or less at random.


      I have a 72-page PDF where:


      the 1st spread (pages 72, 1) works fine

      the 2nd spread (pages 2, 71) works fine

      but on the 3rd spread starts the trouble, some force lays the spread incorreclty as 3, 70 when the correct order is 70, 3. Also, now the page 3 has turned bottom to top when it should be upside-down (it being the flipside-magazines 3rd page).


      Obviously this messes up the whole document / page order.


      The 4th spread (pages 4, 69) works again like it should.

      the 5th fine

      the 6th fine

      the 7th again, the same problem as with the 3rd. The page that should be on left side of the spread is on the right and bottom to top when it should be upside down.


      ..and so on.


      I used Indesigns Print Booklet-function and Bullzip PDF Printer.



      Any ideas what may cause this, any solutions? I'm at loss here..