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    Total score not adding up...

    einnep Level 1
      I've made a game where the you catch things that each have their own individual score, when you catch one, a card appears showing details of that thing (displayClip). In this displayClip there is a dynamic text box that has the amount that the thing is worth for the score. This then gets sent to to final score. Everything is working just how it should EXCEPT for the fact that the amount just get's exchanged with the last amount, not added to it ?!?! I thought " score += Number(a); " would do it... any one with an idea of why it is not adding up? Would very much appreciate any help.

      var displayClip = attachMovie(thing.style, thing.style, d);
      var a = displayClip.amount.text;
      var score = 0;
      score += Number(a);
      total.text = score +" kr.";