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    adding arrows to individual dashes

    arjun2 Level 1

      How can i add arrows to individual dashes in InDesign? See the image in the following link





      I'm doing landsacpe architecture and need to show wind directions, traffic movement, pedestrian movement on roads. So that's the purpose I need these directional arrows.

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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          Work around:

          1- Draw a head arrow with front and back white color shape and group them.

          2- With the pen tool create a path line.

          3- Copy arrow shape group then use text on path tool and click on path line and paste the shape, then space bar and repeat paste.

          It may be not what exactly you want, but it's start point.


          Caveat: it the page background it's white there's no problem, but if it's color background you need to tweak the color of front and back arrow shape.

          arrow path.jpg