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    Building a new PC - Need help with components


      Basically after about 3 years just making do with my macbook pro editing, it is slowly dying as the logic board may or may not need to be replaced. I was thinking of just buying a newer macbook pro, however I thought with that money I can build a pc that is much more powerful. Now I've never built a PC before and I'm really regretting the transition to PC again, but I know it's for the better. I've come up with a list of the parts I'm considering, however I would just like you to know that this is just from pretty much guessing and refering to a couple of builds on youtube. I know of a general idea of what the parts do, but really have no knowledge of what brand is good/bad or if I could subsitute something for a better part etc. It's actually hard to find any builds to refer to since everyone is pretty set on the gaming side. I wasn't too sure if I should just build a gaming pc and just use it for editing.

      What I am planning to use this PC for is for editing RAW photos and videos ranging in all kinds of formats, although nothing in the 4K spectrum just yet. I'll be playing a few games as well, but nothing hardcore. I've budgeted for about $2500 for the machine itself with an extra $500 for peripherals. Here is a link to my current parts list


      I've also got a few questions that I've tried to find the answer to myself and if anyone could answer them, that would be great.


      1. What exactly will my SSD be doing? My friend suggested to go for a 60gb but I've seen some editing pc builds that go up to 120-240gb. I'm pretty sure it's just for my OS, but I could be wrong. Will my programs go on here too?

      2. Could someone explain the different RAIDS i can set my harddrives to? Again my friend suggested to run them both on RAID-0, but other builds are RAID-10

      3. I'm sure this question has come up ALOT, but I'm stumped on graphics cards. Eventually I'll get another graphics card, but until then I think one will be enough since my workload isn't that intensive just yet. Since I am going to be installing Creative Cloud on my computer, I am slighty confused with the quadro and GeForce GPU's. Is the one that I have in my list okay? Since it is a GeForce graphics card, what is this "hack" that I need to do? Also on the site I was building my PC, there wasn't any "Quadro" graphic cards only "Raedon". I'm guessing they are totally different, could someone explain that to me?


      I think that's all for now. If I think of any more questions I'll be sure to post them.