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    Can't open CC apps on second mac


      Hi I'm having problems with my CC apps. I've tried contacting support twice but so far no solution has been offered.


      Basically whenever I try opening any CC app on my secondary mac the application manager pops up and says "Sign in required" and then it list terms for trial software - although im a paying subscriber. Then once I sign in the application manager shuts down and the CC app icon bounce in the dock, but shuts down and the application manager opens the same window as beore asking me to sign in. This happens again and again and the CC app never opens up.


      It used to work fine on both my macs up until a week ago, I had to sign in every time I switched from one mac to the other, but It worked. No only the CC desktop works. None of the apps.


      I've tried a ton of things: deleted the OOBE/opm.dm file from both libraries, I've cleared the SLCcache and made sure permissions are set right for all users in SLSstore, and the Adobe folders. I've updated the application manager to latest version numerous times, cleared the mac form all CC apps and used the CC cleaner. Re-installed the CC apps, signed out, signed in - changed my password - I even created a new mac user account - so far nothing has resolved the issue - and I'm litterally going mad - as I need these apps to complete my assignments - hence why I'm a CC subscriber. It's ironic how I'm paying for this "service" and I can't use it.


      Any suggestions?