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    Unable to Save Responses As PDF


      We have several users that have access to view responses to our Adobe formcentral forms, lately we are having issues with saving the responses as a PDF.  We are accessing formcentral via IE (we have tried alternative browsers and doesn't seem to matter), and it happens to different users at different times during the day. 


      When we are in the respective account and try to download the response as a PDF (doesn't matter whether we use the arrow to the right of the row, or the save as PDF feature at the top) sometimes the sytem gets stuck on the spinning clock.  Is this a formcentral server tie up or is it on our end?  Anyone else experience this?  Do we need to clean out old responses? 


      It seems to work sporadically, we are now stuck with using the "view details" feature to see our form responses and print them out that way but we would like to be able to use the download as PDF feature like we used to do.  This issue has been going on for about a month on and off and seems to be worse now. We have tried to contact someone through the Formcentral support (No.: 0185350898) and they gave us a "FIXITWIN" file that did not resolve the proplem.  We have one user that tried to download the desktop formcentral client to see if it would work through that method instead of through the browser and that did not make any difference.  We have had our IT support check this issue out at one station and he's unable to determine what could be the problem and seems to think it's on formcentral's end.


      Please help.

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          plee1388 Adobe Employee



          Download Response as PDF is working for me.  Here is what I did, I select a row in the Response table, right click to bring up the context menu, and select Download Response as PDF option.  Please try this.  If you still encounter this with your form,  you can share your form with me, perrylee@adobe.com.  I can help take a look.





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            DWPLLC Level 1

            Yes I've tried to download them via the method you indicated and also by using the save as PDF feature button, once we get stuck with the spinning clock, we have to completely close out of formcentral and log back in to attempt the whole proces again.  Unfortunately it is not linked to a specific form, we have several forms, all which were once working properly and now are encountering this issue.  Again, this incident is not tied to any particular form, it sometimes works and sometimes it gets stuck, and I can't seem to pinpoint any pattern to a specific time of day (we thought maybe it was a many users accessing the forms at the same time).


            This morning I attempted to download responses from several forms and was successful, however, when I had another user try they were unsuccessful.  I just attempted it on one of my forms and no luck.  Is there a capacity limit?  We have some forms with over 300 responses.