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    OnVideo finished...??

      Hi folks.

      I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a Flash presentation which consists of an introduction movie and a main menu. The introduction movie is in the form of FLV file which is being loaded - all in one frame, not embedded video on the timeline. As it's in one frame, I don't know, which functions controls the video status - let's say, I want when the intro finishes playin, to jump into the main menu straightaway.

      Similar to action "onLoadInit" but I'm looking for something like OnMovieFinished or so.... dunno how to do that. Right know, I have to have there a button which you need to press after the movie finishes playing in order to get to the main menu.

      Any suggestions please?

      many thanks

      p.s - it's for local use only so I wouldn't worry about any streaming or so.