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    Activating / Desactivating WEBCAM with Actionscript

    Sw Jiten Level 1
      Hi there. My custmomer has a small LAN and he asked me to connect them also through a webcam, so, everytime I press a button, the camera turns on at both sides (the two computers) and when conversation comes to end, you just click on another button and pc goes to sleep or goes back to main menu... Any idea ? thanx in advance !
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          At a minimum you would need Flash media server (FMS) . FMS uses a form of actionscript as well. So you need to script an app for that as well as the flash clients. There's probably some existing code in the demo/samples that you could adapt, but it would require some work there. Search in Adobe.com for FMS.

          Also to turn on webcams, I believe you need to show the settings panel from actionscript (or it would happen automatically each time you try to use the webcam) and get the consent of the client at each end.

          For a small LAN it seems like a lot of work and (if using FMS, expense - there is an open source option, but it requires java programming I think).

          For actionscript settings panel info use this as a starting point.