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    full gradient headline inside a text frame

    lister110 Level 1

      I have a headline which has a gradient from Orange to blue. Each headline needs to include the full spectrum in side a text frame. Paragraph text follows the headline and runs the full width of the page.


      Because I'm pulling the width of the text frame out for the paragraph, this is changing where the headline gradient is finishing.


      So I created anchored text frame to fit the width of the headline with the gradient and sits in the text frame.


      But I need to prepare this for 2 lines and so to false the paragraph below down and then automatically fit around the headline. I thought using the auto size would work (width works fine). But I can't force it to run width (soft return) and then Height (The text stacks), also the anchored object doesn't force the paragraph below down to keep the spacing the same.


      is this possible? or is there another way to do this?






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