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    License Transfer




      I work for a company that only allows IT to purchase software. When they purchased FormsCentral for me the license attached itself to IT's Adobe account. What are the steps involved in transfering that license over to my account?


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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee



          I am not sure I completely understand your situation, but I have a work around that should provide you with your own separate account. Start by creating your own unique AdobeID. Then signup for Formscentral at whatever level you believe you'll need. Then make this new user a co-author of all your forms. Lastly have the new user duplicate each form with response. This new account will be functionally equivalent to the old one without being tied to you corp IT department. If this doesn't solve the problem you have please tell me more about your current license and what you are trying to accomplish.



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            I embedded a form in a client's website and now I want to turn the account over to him. If I make him a co-author and he creates his own account, can he continue to use the embedded form? If not, how can I save him the labor of recreating the form?

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              Drewy62 Adobe Employee



              This will work but has some limitations you should be aware of. As the author of the form you must continue to have an active Formscentral account with privilages that allow you to continue to host and collect forms. If you were to reach your plan limit on either of these items there is nothing a co-author can do about it. Additionally if you were to close your account or accidentally delete that form it would be lost to your co-authors. The best way to do it is to make them a co-author then have them duplicate the form with response so they are the author and owner of the form. They will then re-publish the form and update all references to it. This will mean updating the link in the web page unfortunately.



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                byronk Level 1

                Thanks for the rapid reply. How does a co-author duplicate the form? I see options to export the design file, but am not sure if that is enough.

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                  Drewy62 Adobe Employee

                  Duplicate should be a button in the myforms tab.



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                    byronk Level 1

                    I see it. Thanks a lot.