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    How to freeze video clip and add momentary callout?


      So far you folks have helped me solve all the problems I've encountered while working on the proof-of-concept project for my boss. This morning's task is to momentarily pause a video clip at a particular moment, add a callout or two to identify the parts being removed, and then resume the video playback.


      A quick Google search pointed me to the following procedure (paraphrased somewhat):

      • Split clip at desired freeze-frame start point
      • Go to Clip Effect > Time Remapping > Speed
      • [A bunch of Mac-specific keystrokes to drag-n-drop the desired duration of the freeze]


      I'm not using a Mac at work, so I'd have to work out the keyboard shortcuts. Also, no mention of adding callouts, but I think I can work that out on my own - just need to add them and set the duration to match the freeze, no?


      Before I get started on this, just wanted to make sure I'm headed down the right path. If there's an easier or more efficient way to do this, I'm all ears. Thanks (again) in advance for your help.