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    Converting an MOV into an SWF

    PawPaw Karl

      I was told that I need to use my Adobe software (Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Master Collection) to make this conversion.  I have a customer that wants me to convert an MOV file to a Motion SWF file with the following parameters (What settings do I use, and how do I play the video back on my AVID computer?):


      Motion Flash (SWF)
      • Your motion ad must contain an action-script STOP on the last visual frame at least 3 seconds in prior to the end of your allotted time duration. (As for example, a 10 second spot must have all motion STOP around the 7 second mark – the remaining 3 seconds will simply remain stationary on
      the last visual frame of creative). Looping files (repeating) won’t be accepted. Please keep in mind that this STOP command ensures your ad to run smoothly and will eliminate an abrupt ending.
      • Recommended frame-rate: 15-20 fps.
      • In general, avoid long tweens, 3-5 frame tweens are optimal. This also includes alpha fades and color shifts.
      • No multi-level files or nested movie clips. Animation must be contained in (1) SWF file.
      • Audio is not supported. Remove all audio tracks from the file.
      • Be sure to resize and color correct images PRIOR to importing into Flash.
      • Provide a "landing pad" (a single visual that doesn’t move at the end of the animation) designed to be at least 20% of the total length of your animation. The landing pad will enhance visual impact and provide headroom for an animation that might play too slowly.
      • When exporting the .SWF, set JPEG quality to 50-60%, do not password the file.
      • Avoid large amounts of text, or text under 10 pt. Screen images should be easily readable at a distance of 3 feet.
      • Be aware that using programs like After Effects and Fireworks and then exporting the finished animation to .swf will generally result in poor performance since the export converts vector objects to bitmaps. Crisp edges and smooth playback are compromised.
      • Review/ Test the final .SWF for color, quality and to ensure that all requirements have been met prior to submitting.