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    What is "Creative Cloud H"?

    3catz Level 1

      I had been getting repeated kernel and dump panics.  The multilingual screen comes up and, upon hitting any key, the iMac reboots (I think) rapidly, but some things have to be "recovered."


      After a clean reinstall of Mavericks and a paintstaking reconstitution of my data files and reinstallation of my Adobe software, my iMac seemed to be be fine for a few days.  However, today, I suddenly had one of these mini-crashes (which I can't give a label to, as the Problem Report doesn't seem to include any, at least any familiar to me).  I wasn't doing anything unusual.


      The Problem Report, however, did include the following statement: "BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Creative Cloud H" which I don't recall previously having seen.  (I could be wrong wince there had been so many problem reports before the clean reinstall.)  Apparently the beginning of that is a euphenism for a kernel panic. 


      What is "Creative Cloud H"?  I checked Creative Cloud (from the icon) and could not see any sign of recent activity.