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    Upgrading HD Capacity Areca

    Baz R Level 3



      I have a Areca Raid card running 12 x 1tb HDs in Raid 30, I am starting to run out of Capacity, if I was to install bigger drives will the Raid Array automatically increase its capacity. if so what is the best metod to do this.


      My other option was to install a external HD bay running from back of the Areca Raid card, or via an external e=sata HD bay





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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          What you would have to do is backup your current RAID content, pull out all the drives and install a complete new larger set of drives.  You cannot mix drives and take advantage of larger drives.  Do you really need all that media and projects online.  How about archiving some of the older stuff?


          Yes, you can take full advantage of the external port(s) if you need more online storage but it would have to be a seperate array.  I cannot recall what Areca card you have so I do not know how many drives it will support, might possibly be 4 or 8



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            Baz R Level 3





            I have the Arc-1680


            my workflow is multi cam with canon dslr and c300 usually 3 to 4 cams. so just the media itself is taking up space.


            tbh the system is now over 3 years old. will be building a new sytem in later in the year.


            what do you think would be best.

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Why do you need to keep three year old stuff on-line?  Do you have an available half-height slot (like a CD/DVD drive space) slot on your case?  If so get a single 3.5" SATA mobile rack unit, install it and get one or more 4 or 6 TB disk drives and offload you RAID array.  You can still access this disk just not quite as fast as your RAID array.  If you need very high reliability make two copies by getting additional trays that you can plug into the one unit installed in your computer case.


              If you have an ARC-1680IX-24 you probably have one 4-port external connector available to you.  But why bother with an external enclosure when it may be possible to simplify the problem.

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                Baz R Level 3



                The system is 3 years old not he media, the media is from last 12 months of work. 50% of it just as backup for now. the rest stil to be used.


                I have the 16 port areca version, has a single output on rear.


                I have Benro 4x 5 bay chenbro hot swap bays. (20 total)


                I  have 3x spare bays via the areca card, and 2x spare bays via mobo.


                I  was thinking of 3tb drives as price is pretty decent.What you think of this model: WDBMMA0030HNC




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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  On the WD drive, I personally would never buy any 5400 rpm drive.  Right now rather than that (US) $150 drive I would go with the 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 ST3000DM001 for only (US) $110, screamingly fast 3 TB drive.  Now if you have to go back to the archive it is generally practical to re-edit or grab material directly from the archive drive.  Maybe you even have empty Chenbro mobile racks just use them for archiving.  I do the same thing with my Supermicro mobile racks.  I do not have the 3 TB drives but I do have many of that Seagate 2 TB drives and they are great.

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                    Baz R Level 3

                    thank you. will look into this.

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                      Baz R Level 3



                      I have been looking into this a bit more and was wondering of your thoughts on this setup.


                      1x Areca ARC-4036ML connected via the SFF-8088 from back of my Areca ARC-1680ix to the back of the 4036ML, to be used for Archive only, and can be daisy chained for future to.

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                        Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                        You only have one SFF-8088 connector on your ARC-1680.  Therefore you can only access four drives from your potential ARC-4036ML.  As your ARC-1680 is only SATA II you will not be able to take advantage of the SATA III capability of the ARC-4036ML

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                          JEShort01 Level 4



                          Adding drives to expand an array can be done but it is not trivial (add drives, expand Areca array, expand Windows array, etc.).


                          Personally, I use Sans Digital TowerRAID 8x drive towers that are similar to Areca's ARC-4036ML, but are quite a bit less expensive and are more compact (model # TR8X-B). They do not provide the extra serial cable that the Areca does, but I don't find that feature as must-have.


                          Bill is correct regarding Areca iX series cards only having a single SFF-8088 connector, but if you have unused interal ports you can use a SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 cable and utilize all 8 bays in a 8x storage enclosure. There are some photos in the following link where I did this with 16 external drives in a Dell T7600:




                          Sans Digital makes a TR4X-B that takes a single SFF-8088 connection and holds 4 drives. I much prefer the 8 drive model though for backups - it has hot-swap trays and larger, quieter fans.


                          Another solution, but I cannot endorse any particular device, would be to get something with a port-multiplier. So, a single SFF-8088 to connect to as many as 24 drives. These tend to be server room quality - read very expensive - so for your personal upgrade path you would probably be better served by a newer Areca card.


                          You could consider something like:

                          - ARC-1882iX-16-4G (16 internal + 4 SFF-8088 external)

                          - 8x 4TB drives

                          - Sans Digital TR8X-B (or Areca ARC-4036ML)


                          1. Hook up the new Areca card to your existing array (I've done this, it is low risk going from a 1680 to 1880 or 1882 series Areca controller)

                          2. Put the 8 new 4TB drives in the external drive enclosure

                          3. Build the new 8x 4TB array (approx 28TB)

                          4. Copy you data from the old array to the new array

                          5. Shut everything down and put the new drives into your PC case

                          6. Now use the 8x external enclosure for backups, etc






                          PS - found your web site - you do awesome work! And saw your Vimeo credits showing your are experimenting with BeSteady One on a drone with a 5D mkIII- sweet!

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                            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Jim and Baz


                            Before you consider upgrading your Areca card you might consider the newest Areca ARC-1883 cards and the newest 12 Gbit/s enterprise SAS drives.

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                              Baz R Level 3

                              Jim and Bill


                              the Areca external bay can run with single cable, 2x cables is for performance mode.


                              Reciew below explains all.


                              http://www.thessdreview.com/raid-enterprise/areca-arc-4036-6gbs-sassata-jbod-enclosure-int roduction/


                              Also I do have another areca card an older 12 port, only running 4x 320gb samsung s4 for temp and cache, i could use that card for external case. and use a ssd for temp and cache.


                              looking for backup solution at present. Later will be building full new system.


                              Bill, yes I have the BeSteady one use it with canon 5d 3 as hand and with copter, great kit.

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                                Baz R Level 3

                                Thanks for the info on the new areca card and newer hds